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iCM4+ and Apple T2 Chip on Macbook Pro 2018

Is there any Macbook Pro 2018 users running iConnectivityMIDI4+ midi interface please and passing audio between Windows to OSX or IOS to OSX?
Do you face any audio glitch issue please?

The last MBP range comes with a built-in Apple T2 chip which has a known issue: it generates audio glitches with any USB 2 audio interface. (Issue not fixed by Apple).

One crap workaround was to disable Time Sync within OSX or buy USB 3.0 / thunderbolt audio interface (!)
But in reality, for a stable setup, USB 2.0 audio interface' owners must attach their interface through a Thunderbolt hub/docking that provides its own USB ports. In such cases, the time sync feature is managed by the docking and not any longer affected by Apple T2 chip.

As I plan to migrate to a MBP 2018, I'd like a confirmation from existing users if I can direct-attach the ICM4+ to a MBP 2018 or if a thunderbolt hub/docking is mandatory.



  • We haven't seen many people having issues though most are using thunderbolt docks, which I would recommend using. It's certainly a nice little gift from Apple. 
    Supposedly the new Catalina software will fix this T2 issue but we will see. I have the BETA and there are many other issues that need fixing so it's hard to tell.

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