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MIO10 Reroute DIN7 channel 4 midi out to DIN1 Channel 1 midi in?

I'm trying to use my Korg Electribe to control other devices on different DINs.
Electribe sends midi from each pad to different channels (1-16 respectively) and I'd like to control devices on different DINs that are configured to receive on channel 1.
Is this possible with Auracle or do I need the older software to do that?



  • You'll need iConfig to do the rerouting of MIDI channels. If you trigger a pad on ch.6 it will pass to the devices selected on ch.6. You will want to remap to ch.1 if the receiving device only accepts on tht channel. Only iConfig can do that. 

    Both softwares can do the option of 1 DIN port to all the others. So if you do not need the remapping Auracle might be easy to get the routing setup.
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