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Having trouble getting device recognized when using USB Jack 2, but not USB Jack 1

edited June 2015 in Audio
I connect an iCA4+ to Windows on USB 2 and iConfig does not detect the device. USB 1 is fine. USB 2 works great on Mac. Is there a limitation on Windows or perhaps something installed incorrectly? Windows 8.1 on i5 Toshiba laptop.

I prefer to use USB 1 for an iPad because it is the higher amp port.

Thanks for any assistance.


  • There are more issues - iConfig is crashing regularly as well. I submitted a ticket.
  • Ok - support will take care of you. Just make sure to note which iConfig and firmware version you're running on your hardware, as this may affect your performance.
  • Doubling back to this. I had the Access Virus Control ASIO driver installed and it was conflicting with the iCA driver. Removed it, reinstalled iCA driver, and problem went away. Thanks to support for working through the problem with me.
  • Thanks for the update hg123. Good to hear all is well now.

    Enjoy the new setup!
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