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PC/Win 10 Won't Connect

Everything was going great till I became aware of a new firmware update.  So after trying unsuccessfully to manually load the firmware I was finally able to load it with iConnect.  Oh Look, new software, Auracle.  Download that, install, and do the setup.  I no longer have to switch ports occasionally for some of my apps on the iPad but my Audio 4+ no longer "hears" my laptop.  When I open Ableton Preferences or the laptop I see iConnect Audio 4+D2.  Don't remember D2 being a port.  Please be gentle with me I am new at this.


  • So the defaults with Auracle will be a bit different than your previous settings. To hear your iOS device or any device from the second USB port you'll need to open Ableton and select inputs 5-6. This stereo input will allows the 1-2 output from your iOS device to come through Ableton.
  • Does it matter that I have my iPad into Port 1 and my laptop into port 2?  I use Port 1 for the iPad to take advantage of the 2.4 charging there.
  • In that case. in Auracle select USB2 as the DAW master then the instructions I wrote above will be the same.
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