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how to disable audio pass-through on iPad?

i'm on a windows pc and can't aggregate asio drivers.
if i connect my MIDI4+ to the iPad then its audio stops coming out of its headphone socket and starts to come down the usb.
how can i disable the pass though on the iPad?

many thanks,


  • Use our iConfig software. Go to the Audio Info tab. On the bottom there are 2 checkboxes for each USB Device Jack. Deselect these checkboxes and it will not move audio or take over audio on your iOS device.
  • hi, thanks for the info.
    i found the switches on the iOS iConfig but not the windows version.
    and i find the iOS iConfig somewhat unreliable when connecting to the MIDI4+. it often needs several attempt to find it or recover from 'connection lost'
    but in the end all working,
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