Running Audio To iPad For Effects Processing

I have an Audio2+ and MIDI4+. How would I get Audio (Mic) from the Audio2+ to the MIDI4+ so that I can process the audio (say thru VocaLive) back into my PC for Discord or recording into a DAW?

I am currently using:
Shure SM7B -> Saffire Pro 40 -> JBL M-Patch Active 1 -> Yamaha MG10XU (Dry Signal)
Shure SM7B - > Saffire Pro 40 -> Behringer Virtualizer 3D -> JBL M-Patch Active 1 -> Yamaha MG10XU (Wet Signal)

I would like:
Shure SM7B -> Audio2+ > JBL M-Patch Active 1 -> Yamaha MG10XU (New Dry)
Shure SM7B -> Audio2+ > MIDI4+ (iPad Processes Sound) -> JBL M-Patch Active 1 -> Yamaha MG10XU (New Wet)

I can hear the MIDI4+ sound thru Voicemeeter Potato and have it channel thru the mixer just fine but I'd like to be able to use the JBL to push button the change as I need it. I am unable to use Auricle as it just loads and dumps but I do have iConfig that still seems to work.




  • There is no way to connect audio direct in our out, physically to the MIDI4+. You can do MIDI through DIN or USB connection options.
    I'm wondering why you need both interfaces connected? Are they both connected to the same PC?
    Why so many different audio connections? IF you just want a mic into a computer and iPad and audio out. Are you going out to speakers? I understand a bit in the previous setup but with your new setup you can do looped back audio inside the interface as it has USB mixer options. It doesn't need to go to a mixer and then come back in.

    There isn't a good way to connect both the MIDI4+ and AUDIO2+ to an iOS device at the same time as iOS will not accept 2 audio sources at the same time, it will use the last source connected and kick the previous source. You could disable the audio in the MIDI4+ if needed.

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