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Disabling MIDI Ports

This question was asked a few years back, but wondering if updated since. I'm using mio2 on 2 identical rigs. The setup on each rig is a Logic Pro computer (for sequencing) and a Pro Tools computer (for video playback). So 2 computers per rig. I'm using MIO specifically to send MTC and MMC from Logic Pro X to Pro Tools.

It's working great, except for one thing: If I save the Logic file with a specific MIO port as the MIDI sync destination, when I open it up on the computer, it's choosing a different Mio port. For example, if I save my project with MIO USB2 as the MIDI sync destination, when I open it up on the other computer, it opens using MIO DIN 2. This happens in both directions. At first, I thought maybe Logic was just going off of the number of available destinations (one computer has more available MIDI ports than the other), but after disabling one, nothing changed. So it appears that it's not a displacement. So my next thought to resolve this is to just make the DIN ports unavailable, but Logic is still able to see them even though they're disconnected in iConfig. Is there a way for Logic to not see these ports? Or perhaps a different workaround to this problem? I just want to be able to not have to change the MIDI sync destination every time I open a file from the other rig. 
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