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CC remap

hello, so i've searched the forum and cannot find the answer to my question.   can the mio2, using the latest iconfig, do cc remaps from one cc input to at least 2 cc's output?  I would like to control a midi device using a cc foot pedal to control 2 parameters on a digital effect.  so, for example, i am sending cc 45 from the pedal, and need 45 and 48 to be received by the device.  i can map 45 to 48, but it seems that 45 gets lost, 48 works.  would remapping 45 to 45 and then also 45 to 48 work, because i've tried that and i only get one cc to be received by the device.  either 45 to 45 works if it is the 1st in the remap table, or 45 to 48, if it is 1st.  thanks in advance!


  • (crickets)  lol, so, i'll take that as a no, since i've tried other ways in the software and cannot get it to work.  I bought a Midi Solutions Event Processor Plus and that does perfectly what I need and more.  I still love my Mio2 and Mio, so far one of the best midi interfaces i've used and compatible with all my present equipment when going things like sysex dumps, etc.  Just a little disappointed that the Iconfig software has been deprecated, geez, even midi-ox, a very old legacy midi toolbox, can do what I want, but it's starting to show it's age in regards to the newer os's and devices. oh well, the only thing constant is change, lol...
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