When will Multi-Output be supported in Auracle

I know that iConfig is no longer being worked on, and I fear the day when it no long works on MacOs. I the iConnectAudio4+ for many different things, but most of the time its running my audio outputs from my MacBook while I'm performing in my band on stage. I have iConfigure setup to send the sound man 5 different channels of audio from my performance software, Mainstage. I know Auracle is basically replacing iConfig, but I don't see how until it actually has the features that are present in the software it's replacing. Even the official docs say, "if you want to do multi-output, you need to use the other software which we don't work on anymore." Are there plans for multi output being supported in Auracle and when can we hope to see that happen?


  • This is bothering me as well. I just noticed that iConfig does not work with my Mac, I was trying for the first time to use 2nd stereo pair as a send/return, but realized that I can't use those outs without iConfing, which does not work. So i have 4 output interface with software that lets me use only 2...
  • yep, what is going on with auracle? iconfig is far superior still.
  • Auracle is good if you want a simple quick setup but iConfig is definitely my personal love as it's abilities are outstanding. It just isn't a pretty piece of software. iConnectivity is hoping to change this with Auracle for X-Series and future upgrades to it. That new software currently has most of the MIDI features in iConfig plus many it doesn't have on the RTP side.

    iConfig does stop working on MacOS Catalina right now. I'm asking our team to take a look if we can make iConfig jump to Catalina for now until we get backwards compatibility in Auracel for X-Series and audio features.
    iConfig is open source so if you have some skills you might be able to make something work yourself.
  • Auracle lacks the audio routing and thats an issue
  • agreed. I use iConfig 98% of the time personally.
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