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The best MIDI device for my set-up?

I need help to find a solution that works for my set-up.

I have a pedal board to my guitar rig that I want to use to send MIDI message to my mixer.
   - Fractal Audio MFC 101 (pedal board)
   - Allen & Heath SQ5 (mixer)

I will use MIDI 5 pin from my pedal board and USB or Ethernet to my mixer. My mixer have USB B connection.
If I use Ethernet, is it possible to use i.e. MIDI4+ WITHOUT a computer after configuration?
Is it always required a computer for it to work with devices from iconnect?

I have also a Roland SPD SX, that have MIDI 5 pin and can send MIDI notes.
Is it possible for iconnectivity program to translate MIDI notes to MIDI message (hexadecimal), so I can use this to control my mixer as well?

Any suggestion for a solution that works?

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