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iConfig not recognizing iConnectAudio4+ when USB hub is connected?

edited June 2015 in Audio
I purchased an iConnect Audio 4+ earlier this week. Everything was working fine. Now, the iconfig software doesn't recognize the interface. When I used to load iconfig - the Device Selection would briefly show iConnect Audio 4+ and then proceed to load. Unfortunately, it now stops at the Device Selection and Displays 7 (00000152) as the name of the device - which just happens to be the serial number. When I click OK, it displays the Firmware Upgrader-Downloading latest Firmware - and locks up and refuses to load iconfig.

I have loaded the firmware manually, which has been successfull, however iconfig continuse to not load.

I have the same problem on both a Mac and a PC

The iconnect still displays correctly and works perfectly inside the Daw on both the PC and the Mac.

Is there anyway of skipping the Firmware upgrade when booting iConfig?

I need to access iconfig to change some settings, so I am desperate to sort this out.

Thank You to anyone who can help with this issue.


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    I have almost resolved the issue. The iconfig only has the problem when the powerd hub is connected. If I unplug the hub , everything works OK, but then I have no midi devices connected.
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    Hey Paul, could you please open a support ticket for us so that we have all of your details document:
    We have seen a few powered USB hubs that have caused signal and/or grounding issues that affect the interface as well, so make sure to note the make and model of the hub for our techs.

    Hope to get to the bottom of this for you as soon as possible.
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