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mio10 setup help

I'm REALLY struggling with the mio10 and would love some set up / best practice help

I find the wisiwig software doesn't work and the iconnectivity is terrible and overly confusing/complicated

all I want is to be able to track midi, get sounds and use the device like it should.. but its proving to be a complete nightmare.. 

If someone has some some sort of video or step by step screenshots that would be excellent.

I have 

Synth Configuration is
set to use MIDI DIN .. on channel 1
cable 1 goes from synth midi out -> mio10 din1 IN
Mio10 port 1 OUT -> keyboard midi IN

In Protools, I can see DIN1 .. but Inever get any midi notes. .

then I have synth 2
set to use MIDI DIN .. also on channel 1 
cable 1 goes from synth out, to mio DIN 2 in
mio10 DIN 2 out -> synth 2 DIN IN

Pro tools sees both .. but neither work when I select DIN 1 or 2 ..

#1 how do I use the dam software to set up 2 basic synths to not crash the dam unit every-time I press a key .. 
#2 could anyone please provide me with simple instructions to configure the device to allow me to control synth 1 and 2 from controller 1
#3 has anyone ever got a Native Komplete Kontrol controller to even work?  (if I use USB the unit works fine, If I only use MIDI via DIN it only acts as a controller) according to native the unit can only operate in an either/or scenario .. things like keyboard splits and multiple channel assignments just dont ever work .

#4 should I even trying DIN or should I go out and buy USB cables for everything? 

I've tried everything including opening a support case .. all that got me was 3 weeks of useless emails and then waiting for me not to respond and closing the case .. Super disappointed with the whole experience 

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