MIDI and smart phone connection charging and merger ( which product )

Hi all, 
My first post.
Looking for the correct product, much appreciated in advance..
1- Ability to connect either an iOS device or "Samsung " " Android " ( Smart phone ) only one at a time
2- Ability to connect regular MIDI (DIN)
3- Ability to merge the "Smart phone and the (DIN) MIDI
4- charging the smart phone

No need for audio

Than you. 


  • Only good options are AUDIO2+ or AUDIO4+, in which I would pick the AUDIO4+.
    iOS will work no problem in these cases.
    Android will need to be a newer android device which will likely have a USB-C connection end. I use a powered USB-C hub to connect my interfaces to my android phone.
    The biggest issue on android is that not all apps are able to take in the information. Most can but some don't still.

    If you need more info ask or hit me up by creating a support ticket.
  • Hmm,, I am looking for MIDI, not Audio, 
    I thought iConnectMIDI2+ is better choice, not sure why you remommed the Audio4+ 
  • My apologies. I was assuming audio for some reason.
    A MIDI2+ would work then.

    A note that most Android devices will force you to pick between charging the phone OR using the USB device connected. Mine doesn't do both at the same time.
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