NOTE ON/OFF handling, when changing the preset on mioXL and mioXM

I have a question about using preset on mioXL or mioXM live.
If you hold a chord on a keyboard (note on) and switch to a preset (on mioXL or mioXM) where the output that received the chord (note on) is disconnected, then what happens:
A. The chord will hang forever.
B. The chord is stopped when changing the preset using "All Note Off"
C. The chord is stopped when changing the preset by sending "Note off" on the keys used.
D. The chord stays until you lift your fingers from the keyboard (note off).

I hope that it does "D" and if it does will it work with both "Note Off" and "Note On velocity = 0"?



  • Good question. 
    I just setup a test on my XL.
    I have a Korg Monologue on DIN8 in and out.
    I was playing that gear into Ableton for a softsynth sound.

    On Preset 8 it allowed DIN8 through to the computer and Preset 7 had that routing removed.
    I played and got sound in Ableton on Preset8. I kept holding the note as I switched and load Preset 7. The note got stuck.
    If I switched back to 8 it picks up and start going like normal again.
    This was a great question. I'm going to ask our team about looking into this. The PA12 does this cut off but the X Series currently doesn't thanks for asking this.

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