Disable scene switching on PlayAudio12?

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I have a project where I need a USB audio interface with 12 analog outputs, so I love the PlayAudio12 for this. The default setup has 14 channels in from the PC, but only the first 10 routed to the 10 analog outputs on the back. I was able to use the patchbay in iConfig to route channels 11 and 12 and to the headphone jack no problem (other than worrying about iConfig being discontinued and no indication that Auracle will be able to do this patching).

I saved the settings to the EEPROM so it keeps these settings if it restarts. However, if the scene ever gets switch from Scene A to Scene B, my settings are lost. Even if you switch back to Scene A, it doesn't return to the settings I had wanted. It seems any time you change scenes, it forces the first 10 inputs from USB1/2 (1 in Scene A, 2 in Scene B ) to the first 10 analog outputs (and first 10 analog mixer inputs) and the first 2 analog mixer outputs to the headphone jack, regardless of any saved settings.

Is there any way to alter or disable this behavior? Either to modify what it does when changing scenes, like saving a preset per scene it will use, or just disable scene switching altogether. I am not using any redundancy features and don't even have a 2nd PC plugged into USB2, so I don't really need the scenes at all.

I already figured out how to disable the auto-failover using the PlayAudio12 Advanced Setting Tool (I kept accidentally sending data to channel 13), but I'm still worried about someone accidentally bumping the Scene A/B button on the face of the device. This is for a long-term installation and once it is installed, there won't be an easy way to re-run iConfig to fix the settings if someone bumps it. For that matter, disabling all the front-face controls would be nice so someone can't accidentally adjust a volume.


  • If you are only using one comp and worried about scene switchover I would route the second scene to match the first scene.
    Basically create this patchbay below on scene A. click the knob on the front of the interface to save. * lights will flash twice on panel*
    Then switch to scene B using front panel touch button (top left - red).
    Then in iConfig go to the menu option Device>Reread Settings.
    The scene B patchbay will show. Change the scene B patchbay to the same settings so all the routing is still coming from USB1.
    Are you using MIDI? If so some MIDI routing changes will be needed.

    Alternative option is to disconnect the front panel ribbon cable inside, which I do not recommend.

  • That works great. I was trying to save settings per-scene but didn't know to press the knob to save. I was trying to use "Save Current Settings" from the "Device" menu, but it doesn't do what I wanted. Is there any software way to save settings per-scene, or is the hardware knob the only way? I guess I need the front buttons anyway to change scenes, although I can do that with the PlayAudio12 Advanced Settings tool if I really wanted to. Is all that is saved/changed when switching scenes the patch? It doesn't appear that the mixer settings change when I switch scenes so that if I did have different patches (which I won't so this doesn't matter but I'm curious) I couldn't have saved separate mixer settings?
  • There isn't really a great way currently.
    You can go to the menu File>Save Preset.
    Check All and hit export as midi
    Do that for both scenes.
    Then when you want to load it back you would use a MIDI player (I use sysEx Librarian) and play the file that doesn't say reboot to any port on the interface and it'll load.
    Since you saved both scenes you'll need to load the first preset on A then click the knob in then switch to B, load that preset and click the knob to save to the interface memory.

    With the PA12 there are Global settings and scene specific settings.
    Global settings in iConfig are these tabs
    - Device Info, MIDI Info, Audio Info
    Scene specific tabs are
    - MIDI Port Routing, Audio Patchbay, MIDI Port Filters,  MIDI Channel Remap, MIDI Control Filters, MIDI controller Remap
  • Thanks. That description of global vs. scene-specific settings is very helpful. I wish this were documented somewhere a bit better. Your list omitted the one tab I was specifically asking about, the Audio Mixer tab, but it seems that one is global as well. I would have expected it to be scene-specific, since what the mixer settings mean depends on the patch and the Audio Patchbay is scene-specific, but it doesn't appear to function that way.
  • My apologies. The audio mixer tab is global.
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