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[Feature Request] Add ability to remap continuous controllers to other MIDI controllers categories.

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Hi guys. I bought an iConnectMIDI2+ Lightning edition device a couple of weeks ago and it finally arrived a few days ago. I went to set it up last night to remap CC02 (breath control) to Aftertouch only to find that the iConfig software doesn't allow remapping CCs to other MIDI controllers. I opened a Support Ticket to ask about this and was told that the software doesn't currently support remapping of CCs to other MIDI controllers, but it is on the list for “possible future enhancement”.

Before I purchased the device, I carefully checked the user manual and this forum to see if the iConnectMIDI2+ could be configured to do what I wanted it to do...and there is no mention anywhere that only MIDI continuous controllers can be manipulated. I feel this is misleading because the manual is full of references to either "MIDI Controllers" or "MIDI Controller messages"....and of course, aftertouch and pitchbend etc are MIDI controller messages!! I'm sure it's not that hard to implement support for MIDI controllers other than Continuous Controllers....after all, it's just software.

The reasons I'm posting this information are twofold: 1) to warn any future users who may want to manipulate MIDI controllers other than Continuous Controllers, and 2) to ask the developers to please add support for manipulating MIDI controllers other than Continuous Controllers. There are plenty of hardware/software solutions that can facilitate this but none that support iOS devices - which is why I bought the iConnect device in the first place. Unfortunately, I paid a lot of Australian dollars for a device that's just an expensive paperweight right now.....really disappointing.

I'd love to hear what other users think about implementing support for MIDI controllers other than just Continuous Controllers.



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    Hey Maddcow,

    Thanks for writing to us. We appreciate the feedback.

    iConfig can change CC values to other CC values, but you won't be able to convert a continuous controller to a different category, like polyphic aftertouch. I had a user make a feature request several weeks ago concerning the same functionality and the dev team said it was something they were looking into, but not likely to implement in the near future.

    Ill add a plus 1 to the request.
    iConfig will evolve as we receive feedback from or users, so we appreciate your contribution.

  • Hi JS,
    Thanks for replying. To be honest, I'm really puzzled as to why this functionality isn't standard, let alone something that's not specifically planned for implementation. As I mentioned in my first post, the majority of MIDI devices with filtering/remapping capabilities allow users to manipulate all MIDI controller messages and not just Continuous Controllers. To exclude everything outside CCs seems like a very archaic approach to me when we live in a world where everything is becoming more flexible, not less. Just my 2c.
  • Totally understand. We are constantly working to improve and expand iConfig functionality. Personally, I'm not aware of many utilities that come with an interface that is as flexible as iConfig, so I wouldn't go as far as saying it's archaic :) Plus there are some real handy channel remapping controls and presets that can be recalled on the fly as well. Of course the layout/functionality won't be perfect for every user, but that is why we appreciate your feedback.

    If you know of apps that currently have the feature you desire, that would be the best workaround for the time being. I can only forward your feedback to the Dev team for consideration in future updates.

    Thanks Maddcow!
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    Hi guys. It's now been a year since I posted this Feature Request and I'm just wondering if there's any chance it will happen?

  • There is. I can't say when, but it's been duly noted.
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