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I am new to the world of MIDI via USB, but a veteran at regular MIDI via DIN cable... sooo, is 'MIDI via USB' a case by case scenario when connecting devices via USB ..that I should be looking on the device, in question.. for an option to configure LOCAL keyboard as OFF ?! ... or is MIDI over USB intelligent enough NOT to send the notes, event information... back to the keyboard ?!

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  • Many hardware synths/controllers have the ability to switch between using DIN or USB on them like many of the Nord interface or SPDSX. You will have to make sure you are selecting the right option in the hardware to get the MIDI data out.

    Were you asking if you did both what would happen?
    Note: because MIDI data goes into the interface doesn't mean it's routed back out. We purposely leave the routing back out off on the DIN sets to make sure a MIDI loop doesn't happen.
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    I guess that's probably more a question for the keyboard engineers, I was hoping.. magically.. the introduction of MIDI over USB would herald the end of that 'MIDI-cable-IN + MIDI-cable-OUT' ..AND.. 'the age of MIDI feedback' .. but, sadly I don't think we're there yet... but, I don't want to dwell too much about 'feedback', another random 'question' that you might know of... and can definitely lift my spirits.. Does MIDI over USB 'kick-butt' over the transfer time of MIDI information over regular DIN cable ?? :)
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