PlayAudio12 and audio4+ , only input sound on one computer


i just upgraded my setup with a audio4+ to use a mic input for the vocoder in ableton live.
I only Get input signal on  the second computer, and not on the main .
The preferences are the same on both computers.

all Help is much appreciated!



  • I think I might've think you up from support but I'll leave the info here for others.
    My guess is you've opened Auracle (1) first and the defaults for it are set to only 1 USB port at a time.
    I would use our iConfig software.
    Make sure the firmware is upgraded on the interface (current is 2.0.5)
    Go to the menu option Device> Restore to factory defaults.
    This should put the settings in places and map the Analog inputs on the front of your interface as 1-4 in your DAW.
    Now go to the Audio mixer tab and increase the gain on the inputs as needed as well as 48V if you have a condensor mic.
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