mioXL/Auracle: Remap single-channel chromatic notes to multiple MIDI channels

edited January 19 in MIDI
I just got a mioXL and it's working great so far.

One thing which I'd like to do, but don't think is possible via Auracle, is to remap a range of chromatic notes on a single MIDI channel to a different MIDI channel per note.

For example, map note on/off messages C3 thru A3 from MIDI channel 1 to MIDI channels 1 thru 10:
  • Ch 1, C3 -> Ch 1, C3 (no change)
  • Ch 1, C#3 -> Ch 2, C#3
  • Ch 1, D3 -> Ch 3, D3
  • etc.
The use case is to map 10 of the drum pads on my BeatStep Pro to the ten parts of my Volca Sample. The Volca Sample unfortunately requires a dedicated channel per part. Right now I'm configuring the BeatStep Pro to do the mapping above, and it's working fine. However, it would be nice to be able to free up 9 of those 10 MIDI channels for other synths...

BTW, this is what the Retrokits RK-002 cable does.

Is this possible, or if not, could this be added in a future update?


  • You would need to do a split on your controller keyboard and change the channel. The interface has no way spliting or modifying the keyboard notes. It's notes on or off or remapped.
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