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Devices that take up multiple HST ports

Please forgive me if this is a dumb question...

Some of the devices connected to my iConnectMIDI4+ use two HST ports. For example, my Arturia Microbrute and my Alesis VI61.

Does the second port actually do anything? I can't seem to make them control any of the other devices. 

If they don't do anything, is there anyway to remove them so I can get the HST ports back to use for other devices?




  • You can use a midi debugger / logger to find out what is actually being transmitted.

    Alot of controllers have multiple channels allow you to split or layer information (route midi or broadcast midi and over how many channels)
  • I have a keyboard (M-AUDIO CODE) that send 4 ports. You really only need one. This can vary depending on the piece of gear. On my Code I use port1 on my LaunchPad I need port 2 for the light feedback to work correctly when using Ableton.
    Overall what you will want to do is reserve the correct port you need into the host port slot you are wanting to use.
    You can do this in iConfig or AuracleX
    AuracleX how to video -
  • well I am gutted reading now that the mioxl does not pass audio when I bought the device after reading sweetwater description "all computing devices connected to the mioXL can send and receive MIDI and audio from devices that are connected to any of its USB host ports." :( 
  • Yes. WE had to request Sweetwater to remove that part multiple times. They copied it from another product we had.
    This should be updated now on their website.
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