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Which USB devices use only midi traffic? makes no sense....

Is there anything on the roadmap to enhance the USB ports on the mioXL to allow for other traffice then just midi?? a lot of synthesizers nowadays use the USB port to control the entire functionality of the synth, the mioXL would be the perfect product to support that and allow for consolidation in one single unit. Please like to support this functionality!!!


  • I need normal USB host ports for a lot of my USB MIDI capable devices and the mioXL "MIDI only" host port implementation is proving to be too great a problem.
  • It is something we've looked into a lot but it's not an easy task to make work on our interfaces.It would require a rebuild of the firmware for it. We did rebuild much of our firmware for the new mio X Series interfaces so that we can leave room for better and quicker improvements in the future.
    I don't see it on the quick horizon.
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