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Is this possible and which mio would i need?


I have 2 computers (1 running lighting software, the other running visuals software) and a Midicon Pro.

Is it possible to send the (thesame) Midi commands from the Midicon Pro to 2 different computers? The Midicon has an USB and a Midi output, but only one can work at the same time. I prefer using the USB output of the Midicon to both USB ports of the computers. That probably wont work, so i guess a stable old fashioned Midi port will also be good.

Usually Midi patchbay's  will only allow you to send 1 input to a dedicated output, and not to 2 outputs at the same time. At least in the old days ;-)

Ideally i would also connect the midi out of the lighting software back to the Midicon pro.



  • You can definitely send to 2 computers without issue. I've sent clock data to 5 different computers and a boatload of gear from one input.
    Our interfaces allow a single inputs of MIDI to go to anything connected.
  • Every interface we have can do this.
    I would recommend the mioXM probably. You would do the 2 computers by connecting through ethernet/Network/RTPMIDI.
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