iPad multi channel audio out to Ableton Live multi channel audio in

Hello everyone
I want to be able to route my various soft synths on my iPad via AUM into Ableton Live on to separate audio channels so I can add effects etc. I also want to retain the function of having a direct monitor for my mics. I keep looking at the audio patch bay in iConnectivity but it hurts my head trying to figure it out and I have spent hours trying various configurations without achieving my goal.
Does anyone by any chance have a conifg file that mirrors my description or could someone please explain how I could achieve this? It would be greatly appreciated.


  • Which USB port is the iPad in and which is the Ableton comp in?
    How many channels to do you need out of AUM?
    Are you bringing your mics into Ableton and iPad as well? 
    Sounds like you want them directly monitored? Which outputs?
    Which outputs do you want Ableton to be going out on? 
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