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Routing Midi from iPad to macOS Catalina with iConnectMIDI 4+?

edited March 15 in MIDI
I get that we're supposed to use the new Auracle App, but I still can't figure out how to send Midi from my iPad to my DAW Bitwig.

Bitwig shows iConnectMIDI4+ HST1,2,3,etc, Din1,etc and USB 1 and 2 as an Input. On my iPad using Fugue Machine I can choose the same but only USB 2 and 3 as an Output. I tried all all combos, but Midi Data is getting transmitted :/

Sending Midi from the iPad to DIN3 for example works as expected btw.

I take it because the iPad is connected to USB1, you are not able to choose USB1 as a destination since it would send to itself and since my Laptop is connected to USB 3, I can not choose USB3 as an input correct?

So I thought I would have to choose USB 3 as a destination on the iPad and USB1 as the input on my Laptop. That would normally be the way to set it up right?

Can somebody please help me figure this out

Thank you :)

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