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How to assign a USB jack type port to every HST port? (>HST 5-10) in MIO10?

edited March 29 in MIDI
When checking with the config software, I see an entry HST 5-10. Which essentially means, that USB ports 5-10 are all assigned to a single MIDI port.
Is there a way to seperate them and for example assign USB HOST JACK HST 5 to the HST 5 MIDI port?


  • You can separate them but you will have to lose another port.
    Basically the USB connection can carry up to 16 MIDI ports (16 channels each).
    The mio10 has 10 DIN, 10 host, USB, and 4 ethernet. This explains why some had to get grouped together.
    All ports on the USB connection can be renamed and rerouted.
    Here's a video of a similar task in Auracle for X Series using a mioX series. The process is the same though.
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