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Mio4 Not working for me

Trying to figure out how to configure my Mio4.  Pretty simple setup... I have 2 synths and a drum machine. 

- Modal Craft Rhythm (class compliant with USB interface)
- Roland System 1
- Eurorack system with a MIDI module

I really just want to send MIDI out from the Roland through the Mio to the other two machine.  So far no luck.

- I updated the firmware
- Used the Auracle to configure the Roland to transit on DIN 1 and the other DIN ports to receive.  
- Tried to download iConfig but it seems infected with a virus

I can connect the Roland to the Eurorack directly via MIDI cable and it works.

Ultimately, I would like the setup to work without a computer involved.  Any ideas on how to troubleshoot from here.




  • IConnectivity support answered my question.  Thanks goes out to them for great service!  The newest version of Auracle for X-Series did the trick.  This version now supports the Mio line.  Instant success using this version over the Mio version!
  • I'm glad you got me in Support. I've been so busy in support I haven't gotten a chance to get out to the forum in quite a while. Everyone is playing with their gear in shutdown and asking questions.
    Glad all is good now. Enjoy
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