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RTP-MIDI vs USB connection

Hi!  Just recently got my mioXM and have a question regarding the use of RTP-MIDI. Am i correct in assuming that unless you need to cover long distances the benefit of using it over USB is zero.. In other words i have the mioXM close to my desktop. 

I'v updated the mioXM to the latest firmware via USB, and then tested using only the ethernet connection. But it seems i must start a session and manually route every port in my DAW (i do not see anything more than the mioXM in/out in the midi settings in ableton live 10) Connecting it via usb and all the ports shows up right away.

As USB works im going with that, could i just unplug the ethernet as i do not take advantage of any RTP ports ?

Here is the physical routing to the mioXM:

Thank you!


  • Okay to answer my own question.. :-) rtpMIDI is not an advantage unless you need wireless midi or have other devices that needs midi via ethernet. Eitherway hooking it up doesn't hurt as the USB connection takes priority so the auracle app is connecting via USB. Very happy with the mioXL (exchanged the mioXM for the XL) 
  • USB is actually a better option if you don't need the distance or the option of connecting more computing devices.
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