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mioXL and Elektron A4/AR

Hey gang.  I just got a mioXL.  Most of my gear is working A-OK.  I've got other things hooked up both by DIN and USB no problem.  Except two pieces:  My Elektron Analog Rytm mkII and Analog Four mkII.

No matter what I do, I can’t even get the “MIDI In” indicator light on the front panel of the mioXL to light up - say for example when the sequencers are running or if I play the pads or the keyboard.  I should be seeing some action on that indicator.

  • I’ve tried hooking up by USB and by DIN
  • I’ve tried the various combinations of MIDI Output settings within the Elektrons: "USB", "USB+MIDI", "MIDI"  ("MIDI" = DIN) …
  • I’ve tried different ports on the mio.
  • I’ve even tried different cables.
  • Other devices work fine on those same ports on the mioXL.

I bought my first MIDI patchbay in the 90's and owned the Elektrons for years, know them well and feel like this should be pretty easy...  This is just so BIZARRE!!

One possible hint:  Neither of the Elektron devices show up in the USB Reservation section of the Auracle hardware.  

Any thoughts guys?


  • OMG you guys...  It was staring me right in the face this whole time! 

    I had recently flashed up the OS on the Elektrons. Previously, System > USB CONFIG was set to "USB MIDI" so I assumed that was still the case and hadn't checked to see if that had changed.  Somehow, during the upgrade process, they switched to "Overbridge" mode.

    Obviously, this would mean trouble for USB communication with the mioXL. Silly of me to overlook this but hopefully, this helps someone else in the future.
  • edited May 6
    Yea that would do it! :-) I have all my Elektron boxes hooked up via din to the mioXL and than all via USB to the overhub (which is connected directly to my computer)  for Overbridge 2.0. That way i can use overbridge very easily and at the same time route midi to them via the mioXL. 

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