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ICA2+ connecting with 2 device (PC and IPAD) not working. ERROR

HI, I use connect audio2 + on ipad and winndows pc. If the two devices are connected to the sound card at the same time it doesn't work just from the PC I see the sound card (ipad cant see the ICA2+). If I connect to the sound card with only one device, the system works. Has anyone experienced anything like this? What could be the solution? Thanks


  • How are you powering the AUDIO2+?
    If you are using iOS you will want to power the AUDIO2+ with the 9V PSU you can get buy from iConnectivity.
    Use Apple USB3 CCK  because it provides extra power for the iOS device.
  • Thanks for replaying. I use the original psu. It’s like my computer is blocking the connection to the iPad. As you unplug my PC, the iPad sees ICA2 +. MORE INTERESTINGLY, A NEW GENERATION INTEL i7 4xxx (3770 for desktop PC) PROCESSOR LAPTOPON IS Smooth. Could it be a connection? I don't fully understand the CCK connection. Do you think so?
  • What USB ports are you using on the back of the interface?
    There is a way that two connected devices can cancel each other.....if they are both plugged into USB port 2
    USB port 2 is considered to be both the second USB-B port and the iPad USB-A port.
    If you want to use both you will need to have the computer connected to the USB-B port 1 which says power on it and the iPad into the USB-A port 2 with it's original lightning cable
  • Thanks for the help. My PC was plugged into the wrong connector. How did I not find out? :) Works great!

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