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Any possibilities to incorporate a midi clock delay adjustment within the Oracle software at all?

I have the MIOXL & this function would be great when using the device as the center midi piece of the studio like I currently do.


  • While waiting for some sort of reply on the above question I made further sync tests and have sync delays between clock operated devices and midi note on/off ones.

    My setup is using a beatstep pro as the master clock device to all other gear as well as sequencing from its 3 sequencers.

    I made a test running a 4/4 kick from the internal sequencer of a TR8 using the midi clock AND a 4/4 kick from the BSP drum sequencer TO this same TR8 at the same time and I am experiencing a slight delay between the clock and the sequencer pattern while running through the mioxl where as this isn't happening connecting both devices (TR8 + BSP) directly vi a midi cable.

    Any help appreciated
  • really no answers on this??
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