MIDI 2.0

I am not an owner of any iConnectivity products yet. I am interested possibly in the MioXL, but one thing that's holding me back from getting it is concern over the future. I believe MIDI 2.0 will become big in the years ahead. The draft spec was released several months ago. I am curious to know if iConnectivity has any intention of adding support for MIDI 2.0 to their existing products, or if this is something I will need to wait for a future product to have.


  • We have no information on this yet. We are aware or MIDI 2.0 and possibilities it can hold and that it is a future move for the industry. At the moment there are very few companies making products for MIDI 2.0 and none that we've seen working together with other gear, really. 
    This is something we are looking at but not ready to pull the trigger on yet.
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