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Can I chain my mio4 to my Komplete Audio 6?

Hi. I got a mio4 to add more MIDI connections in my studio. Can I connect it to my Mac through another interface?

Here's what I want to do:
  • Connect Komplete Audio 6 interface to Mac via USB
  • NOT connect the mio4 via USB — power it via adapter instead
  • Connect the MIDI connections on the front of the mio4 with the 5-pin MIDI connections on the back of the Komplete Audio
  • Connect my MIDI devices to the back of the mio4
  • Have everything show up in Audio MIDI Setup and play nicely

However – this is what I get instead:
  • when I tried to set up the mio4 as above (midi 1 connected to Komplete Audio midi, no USB) my computer doesn't know it's there
  • when I do connect the mio4 via USB (midi connected to Komplete Audio), my computer recognizes it, but I can't connect the two interfaces in Audio MIDI Setup.
I thought the mio4 worked in "standalone" mode (no USB) – am I wrong?

It may be worth noting that I can indeed connect to my MIDI devices when the mio4 is connected via USB, so the unit is working. But I would rather avoid using the USB connection because it means adding yet another USB hub 

Thanks so much for any clarity or suggestions you can offer
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