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Why do ports on the mio10 show up 3 times each in iConfig?

I need help understanding the ports on the mio10.

When I'm looking in iConfig, why do all the ports (DIN1, DIN2, etc., HST1, HST2, etc.) show up 3 times each?  For example, DIN1 shows up under USB Device Jack 1, USB Device Jack 2, and it shows up at the bottom not grouped under anything.


  • I think this is just the confusing naming in iConfig: The ports und USB Device Jack 1 refer to to the connections/ports to your host-computer (DAW) attached on the USB-B Port on the back of the mio10. USB Device Jack 2 refers to the connections/ports to a 2nd host-computer attached on the USB-B port on the front. The ones not grouped are (I believe) the physical DIN's and the 10 USB ports available.
    In the standard configuration the physical DIN's are mapped to the ports on USB Device jack 1 & 2, therefor they're named as DIN1, DIN2, ...

    I switched over to Auracle for X-Series to configure my mio10. There it becomes much clearer...
  • Ok, I think I get it now.  Each name/item in the list refers to a port (i.e. one end of a MIDI connection).  The ports appear three times instead of two because the data coming in from the physical DIN's is by default routed to both host jacks.

    I just downloaded Auracle.  I tried it a few months ago, but it was version 1.0.2 and it wasn't very useful for mio10.  I'll check it out again.  Thanks!
  • This can be confusing.
    Physically the device has 
    USB 1 (USB-B)
    USB 2 (USB-B)
    Host Port ( USB-A)
    Ethernet (RJ45)
    DIN 1
    DIN 2
    DIN 3
    DIN 4
    DIN 5
    DIN 6
    DIN 7
    DIN 8
    DIN 9
    DIn 10

    Under USB 1 (USB-B connection) you have 16 MIDI ports being transferred in and out.
    These ports have a default routing and naming like so ( DIN1, DIN2, DIN3, DIN4, DIN5, DIN6, DIN7, DIN8, DIN9, DIN10, HST1, HST2, HST3, HST4, HST5-10, USB2)

    The USB 2 port is the same but the last port goes to USB1 instead.

    This is why you see the same ports so many times.
    You see the physical DIN ports but you also see the default routing to and from the DIN ports over USB 1 and 2.

    Hopefully that's helpful.

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