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mioXM + GR1

Hello people, quick question followed potentially by an auction.

Does/Can the mioXM work like the mio2? (see below)

GR-1 (Tasty Chips Electronics) users are being told the mio2 allows them to connect the GR-1 to their PC/MAC to allow them to communicate through Ableton via midi controllers/keyboards and record midi notes/automation.
The GR-1 is a HOST and connecting to a PC/MAC isnt possible, the solution to connecting a HOST to a HOST (PC/MAC) we were told is the mio2.

So i bought an mioXM (genius) because i couldnt find any mio2 available in stock (UK/EU) and assumed it was a mid version of the mio lineup and would work. I am having no joy. I suspect I wont have any joy either.
I can use the mioXM using Din MIDI but I want the benefits of USB.

If it is only the mio2 that works this way then so be it. *

* For sale as new mioXM
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