Connection with Auracle X via RTP Midi on 4 Mio Interfaces

Hello, I just can't get any further or I don't understand. Following problem:
I have 3 Mio 10 and a Mio XL in the studio. I would like to use Auracle X to connect the Mios to each other with RPT Midi.

Example: Mio 10 A Din Port 7 is to be controlled at Mio 10 C Din Port 3.

I assigned 4 RTP addresses to each Mio. How can I select the network address of the Mio 10 C with Auracle X when I open the routing on the Mio 10 A.
We didn't get any help from the sample videos.

Second question:
I have 4 Rtp network addresses per interface. Can, for example, assign RTP 1 to every Din port because I want to or is this permanently addressed.

With best regards
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