Feedback on connecting Eurorack Expert Sleepers ES-9 into Ecosystem

I have an Expert Sleepers Es-9, which is a 16 in/16 out audio interface, in Eurorack module format, that also has an internal software mixer.  I normally use the ES-9 to multitrack my various modules into Ableton as my DAW (in this case, I don’t use its internal mixer).  It has been connected directly to my iMac and is set up as an aggregate device.

More recently, to explore a DAWLESS approach, I’ve been using the ES-9 in “standalone mode,” which means I unplug it from the iMac and use it’s built in 1/4 inch outputs to send audio to my hardware mixing board and on to my monitors.  It works great, but I want to use the internal mixer to be able to set levels, and also fade sounds in and out.  I want to be able to program these changes from my NERDSEQ sequencer module (which has a MIDI I/O expander with MIDI that goes into my iConnect MIDI4+ DIN1 input).

The ES-9 has a built in software mixer that can be manipulated with CC#/values.  For this standalone use case scenario, could I attach a USB hub to the USB host port on my iConnect MIDI4+ and connect my ES-9 to the hub, then use my Eurorack Sequencer Module (NERDSEQ, connected to Din 1 on the ICM4+), to control the internal mixer on the ES-9?  Could I also then attach a MIDI controller (such as a Faderfox EC4) to this same hub to have some tactile control (via MIDI CC messages routed to the ES-9), when I want to fade in and out channels live?

I’m still wrapping my head around more complex MIDI routings, so would deeply appreciate any feedback.  Maybe this is obvious, but I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything here.


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