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How to connecting midi keyboard to ipad?

I insert midi cable in to a midi in, but it didn't working in any application.
All options in iConfig is by default. What could be wrong?


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    Hello - What device(s) are you trying to connect to the iConnectAUDIO4+ MIDI DIN In port? Are you using the MIDI DIN Out port on the other device(s)?

    What type of software are you trying to use? Are you seeing and selecting the interface in the hardware/MIDI section of the software's preferences?

    Any additonal details would be appreciated.
    I can also send you a MIDI monitoring software so you can check to see if messages are making it the computer (without any fancy software) if you wish, just let me know what operating system you're using.

    Also, if you are using recording software, you will need to have a sound source set up (virtual instrument) with the MIDI input, since MIDI does that make any sound itself (not sure if you're new to MIDI or not). I can get into additional details on that if you need, just let me know what DAW or iPad applications you are trying to use.

    Let me know how I can assist further.
  • Yes, i using iConnectAudio4+ din midi in. Din midi out not using.
    I tried Garageband and Nanologue, for example. With presonus audiobox my midi keyboard works in this applications without problem. Unfortunately, i don't have mac or pc now, only ipad air2 with ios 8.4. I run Midi Monitor application and it isn't detect any midi signal from audio4+.
    Firmware version: 1.0.3b1
    Hardware: 1.0
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    So you are using a keyboard's MIDI DIN Out port > connected to the MIDI DIN In port on the iConnectAUDIO4+, correct (i'm still trying to figure out the source)? Is this connected via USB-MIDI of the host jack? Then you are looking to send MIDI to the iPad and the iPad is connectdd to device Jack 1 or 2 using the iConnectivity inline connection cable for iOS lightning? Sorry, I don't want to assume anything in your setup - so the more detail the better I can assist.

    I'm trying to figure out everything that is connected (brand and peoduct please) to the hardwre and what you are trying to acheive overall - i'm still a bit confused as there are some missing details.

    If you would like to check if you iConnectAUDIO4+ is properly connecting to a iOS device, please go to Apple's (Settings > General > About) on your iPad. You should see all connected hardware at the bottom of this iOS menu.
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    I have an old CME UF5 midi keyboard, so i don't use USB host, and i prefer DIN MIDI cable. So CME UF5 DIN Midi Out i connect directly to Audio4+ DIN MIDI In. Ipad Air2 connected to Audio4+ by original iConnectivity USB-lightning cable to Device port 1(2.1A). In Settings>General>About iConnectAudio4+ is normally connected and audio is working, but midi is not. I reset all settings by deafault, but it didn't help. Maybe i should enable something in iConfig or update firmware?
  • Are you using the default configuration in iConfig or have you made custom adjustments to the MIDI routing?
    If you see the hardware connected via Settings>General>About, you should have a proper connection.

    What app are you using to try to trigger external MIDI with? Does it have a MIDI preference menu? Sometimes the hardware will need to be selected or enabled in some applications - it may not be selected by default. So make sure you see the proper selection in your audio and MIDi preferences.

    If you want to use an app for general MIDI monitoring, you can try the following free app on the iPad to assist you in troubleshooting:
    (all it does is monitor incoming MIDI messages).

    Feel free to send any screenshots needed to jsandeen(at) so I can see what you are seeing on the app or any iConfig menus in question (MIDI Routing, MIDI Filtering, MIDI Info). By default, the common MIDI inputs on the hardware (and host jack) MIDI are routed to the computing devices automatically via iConfig.

    Appreciate the extra details,
  • Yes, i use default configuration in iConfig. As i know, in Garageband it don't need a special settings to sound with midi keyboard. I have also used this MIDI Monitoring application and it don't register any incoming MIDI messages. I don't understand very well iConfig settings, but i take a few screenshots and send to your email.
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    I'd ppreciate if you send the pictures (I'll email you back if i see something of concern). Could you also confirm that you are getting a solid connection with the physical hardware via Apple's Settings>General>About menu? There you can click on iConnectAUDIO4+ and actually see it's firmware and manufacture listed on it's own iOS settings 'about' sub page. Let me know, I just want to rule out any cable connection issues.

    So you know testing on my side; GarageBand automatically selected my iCA4+ and my external MIDI DIN connected keyboard was able to trigger the keyboard on the app without any special routing in the app or through iConfig.

    Let me know about that physical connection though.
    Appreciate your patience while we get you going.


  • I sent letter, but maybe it didn't come. I'll try to sending from another box.
    If i right understood,
    In settings/general/about all displayed correctly: firmware version, serial number, etc
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    I haven't tried with the app, but there is actually no additional support added for iConnectAUDIO4+ in the iOS app version.

    Are you able to connect to a computer? That way you can make sure your hardware is probably set up using those menus? Sorry, I didn't realize you were using the app. You can also grab the latest firmware as there have been a few firmware updates (not that it will necessarily solve the problem but it's best that o run the latest iConfig version and firmware version.

    When you're in iConfig, if you make any changes you will need to flash to the hardware to save it. You will see the selection under iConfig / Device / (you can do a basic save or create detailed presets using the latest Windows/OSX version of iConfig.

    Let me know how I can assist further.
    Thanks for posting the pictures to, very helpful!

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    Ok, I connect iCA4+ to PC(win8.1) and successfully update firmware to 1.0.8, but midi input is still not working.
    I'll try to describe my actions in detail:
    Din midi out from my keyboard
    I connect to Din midi in on iCA4+

    Try in FL Studio 12.
    Audio settings, where i chose iCA4+
    And FL midi input settings

    And some more screens from iConfig:
    Device info
    Midi info
    Midi routing
    Midi filters

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    Hello, have you confirmed that you have a virtual instrument enabled on a MIDI track? It is possible to input MIDI into a DAW session without triggering a sound source, since MIDI has no sound. To confirm that the computer is seeing MIDI, you can use the following utility:
    If you see activity when pressing the keys, MIDI is being routed properly.

    Let me know what you see. If you are getting messages I can point you in the right direction for using virtual instrument in FL Studio. If it is percussion sounds you are trying to use, often only certain keys or octaves will trigger the sounds - so that also could be affecting your situation.

    Let me know how I can assist further.
  • No, there is no any input midi messages in MIDI-OX with iCA4+
    And with presonus midi input is working
  • So using the same hardware and cables and set up - your iConnectivity MIDI DIN is not working and the PreSonus is, correct?

    At this point we may need to get you on the phone with a support tech to confirm that your hardware and connection cables are proper. If you are using the default settings in IConfig while using the latest version and latest firmware, there is no special routing needed in iConfig to get MIDI to the computer like this.

    If you want to send me your contact information and a preferred call time (including your time zone), and either myself or a support tech will reach out to you. Seems like you've been having a lot of trouble just getting going, so someone on one over the phone maybe the next best step. You can use jsandeen(at)

  • Ok, big thanks. I thought so, it's a hardware problem. I'll try to contact my dealer first..
  • Well let me know there's anything else I can do for you. If possible, see if using a different USB cable changes things (and sometimes this can cause strange connection and transmition issues).

    Hope the local dealer takes good care of you.
    Let me know otherwise,
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