Electribe 2 USB Issues

Having some weird issues with the Electribe 2 and using the USB connected to the host on the iConnectMIDI4+. The porting page for the USB host is set up identical to the DIN4 settings but I can only get it to communicate via the DIN jacks, not the USB. Any ideas?


  • Hey Auxren, did you need to install the following driver from Korg on your Mac in order to send MIDI to your Mac?

    Im wondering as it is hard to tell from the site, but the Electribe 2 manual talks about a USB-MIDI driver. The 'Host Jack' on our products will be looking for (and only support up to 8 via powered hub) class compliant USB-MIDI devices. So if the hardware requires a special driver (in order to pass MIDi in OSX), there's a good chance it will not be supported on our 'Host Jack'. You can still use it will our hardware either via MIDI DIN or through your DAW/Recording Software, if possible.

    Let me know what you find out on the driver or if you have any further question on how to get setup with our hardware and the Electribe 2.

  • I have this same issue with mine. Works with every other host except the iConnectMIDI4+ and Audio4+. iPad and iPhone with camera connection kit (CCK) works great too that's why it's a bit of a shocker it doesn't work on your devices. I've even had email exchanges with you guys and nothing was resolved at that time. I resorted to getting a iConnect Mio (have several now) to get it hosted on the powered USB hub on the USB host jack. You're probably going to have to borrow a Electribe 2 to debug it in-house.
  • I have the same problem with electribe2 :-(
  • Yeah let me make a note of this with the my team and we can see if the tech can re-create in house.

    If it is truly class complain USB-MIDI, we can try to get our hands on one to fix the problem if possible on our side.

    If anyone would like to assist in sending us one to use to get things going faster, that would be awesome. Jsandeen(at)iConnectivity.com if you are interested.

    I'll make a note either way, but most likely we will need to get our hands on one (as noted above). Thanks for bringing this to my attention so we can further investigate what's going on.
  • Wow, I just spent a few hours trying to figure out why I can't use the USB MIDI on my Electribe 2 through the iConnectMIDI4+. Wish I had looked here first. At least I'm not alone.
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    northerntao, I'm jumping in here three months later.

    Is it USB Class-Compliant? That's the big question. Please let me know.

    Either way, my sympathies for your tech hell. :)
  • By the way (briefly from an iPhone), if you're running a DAW in your setup, you could plug the Electrovibe directly into that computer and route your audio and MIDI anywhere via the iConnectMIDI4+.

    Just arm a track with the EV as the input and wherever you want to route as the output.
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    I had installed the Korg USB driver already, so I tried removing the driver from my Windows 10 box (by clicking remove driver when removing the device) in device manager. Now it shows up with a different driver, but it's an older driver that lists Korg as the provider. I also trying plugging the device into a Windows 7 laptop where the driver had never been installed, and it showed up with the same older Korg provided driver. I tried choosing a different driver manually, and the only option was a USB audio device, not MIDI. My guess is that it is not Class-Compliant, but I'm not 100% sure.
  • Well, Class-Compliant means support is built into the OS and it shouldn't require a driver.
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    That's not an absolute, for example our interfaces are Class-Compliant but use the ASIO4all driver for audio (rather than the built-in Windows audio, which isn't as capable). But in general it's a good hint.
  • Even if it's Class Compliant, it's still going to show up in the Windows device manager, likely with a generic USB MIDI tag.
  • I have found that my Korg SV-1 does not work if connected directly to the host port, but works fine if plugged into a hub (unpowered in this case) which is plugged into the iConnect Audio. You may like to try this - hubs are cheap and small.
  • Hi. 

    This seems to be an older thread but it matches my question pretty well.
    I have an iConnectMIDI4+ and an Electribe 2 Sampler. I wanted to use the Electribe connected to the USB host port (using an USB hub). 
    Both have the newest firmware.
    The MIDI of the Electribe 2 works without a specific driver when connected to a Mac so my assumption is, that it is class compliant.
    The funny thing is that the Electribe 2 receives MIDI well and reacts as expected when connected to the iConnectMIDI4+. But: Sending MIDI from the Electribe does not work.
    It sends MIDI when it is connected to the USB port of the Mac directly.
    Can someone confirm that the Electribe 2 is supposed to work on the USB host port of the iConnectMIDI4+, please? (It's not listed working on the supported devices list).
    And if so: Any suggestions what to look for?

    (Midi filters in Electribe 2 are OFF, it works when connected to the Mac directly).

    Thanks in advance.

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    The MIDI of the Electribe 2 works without a specific driver when connected to a Mac so my assumption is, that it is class compliant.

    Unfortunately that might not be correct. It seems it does require a Mac driver for full operation, so it might not be fully Class Compliant :-(


    The weird thing is that Korg ship that driver for lots of their products that I know *do* work well with our interfaces. All of the other Korg things we have tested in-house (e.g. nano series) have worked great without needing any driver. So I'm not exactly sure what's going on there.

  • Thanks for your response.

    Also weird is the fact, that the Korg receives data from the the Midi4+ but no data ever gets back there. 

    I do have a little adapter at home that acts as a bridge between USB Midi and Standard Midi (similar to the Kenton USB Midi Host) and I will try whether the Korg Electribe 2 works with that - just to see whether the effect can be reproduced. 

    I could certainly use the standard MIDI ports but that means more cabling and most off all I need to free the ports on the Midi4+..
  • Hi there,

    I tried with my little USB to DIN MIDI converter which accepts only class compliant devices and the Electribe 2 Sampler works well with that.
    To me it seems that the Electribe 2 is class compliant enough to work with certain devices and the Mac (without additional driver) but not with the Midi4+...

    I would gladly offer some help if someone feels that he wants to debug it...

  • That's really weird. I'll try to get hold of one to play with if I can. Unfortunately it's impossible for us to test every single MIDI device out there individually, there's just not enough time in the day :-(

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