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Quick question on connections.

I just received my iConnectMIDI1. I was hoping to use it with M Audio Trigger Finger Pro's MIDI Din OUT jack into the iConnectMIDI1 thru the 30 Pin connector of my iPhone 4S and trigger sound from drums from NI iMaschine App. I was told it "should" work by the guys at Guitar Center.
So far, I've got nothin' Is this gonna work ??


  • Are you seeing your iConnectivity hardware listed at the bottom of (settings > general > about) through your iPhone? This will confirm a physical connection.

    Also, do you have the MIDI In connection of the iCM1 connected to the MIDI out on the trigger finger - and vice versa? (Just want to make sure as this is a common connection mistake when using DIN interfaces).

    Does your app have settings where you can see the iCM1 listed as the input source?

    Appreciate the extra details,
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