Firmware v1.0.8

Could you please put a link on the download page to the midifile version of firmware 1.08 (because I would like to update manually...). And is there an update of iConfig in the pipeline to manage all these extra channels?


  • i'll make to get that up - thanks for bringing that up. Stand by, i'll get it Up today. No new iConfig version has been released, so no update should be required on that side of the software.

    (I'll help you out with the other trouble through the other thread).

  • Thank you @jsandeen, but you only changed the text of the version and the release notes! The link itself directs still to the file iConnectAudio4_DFU_107_20150527.mid, and that is the file for firmware 1.07... (not 1.08!)
  • Sorry, 1.0.8 is not on the site for manual download at this time. I put in the request on Friday so you may not see it up till Monday.

    So I know, Is there a reason you need to update outside of iConfig at this time? I know you were having update trouble in another thread, but I didn't get much detail about your situation.
    You can respond to the other thread if you need further update troubleshooting.
  • FYI, iConfig will automatically adapt to capabilities of the box. No update to iConfig required to support new firmware version.
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