Does the iConnectAUDIO4+ ASIO Driver Officially Support Windows 10?

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Can any one confirm that the Windows drivers are compatible with Windows 10? My old Focusrite died with the new OS and I want to get the iConnectAUDIO4+.


  • Hello - we are in the process of wrapping up testing at this time for windows 10. We did have success with the beta, but the team has not given the official word quite yet.

    When I get the final OK, I will be sure to announce it in the forum, on the website, and on our social media channels.

    We appreciate your patience in the meantime.
  • My machine was upgraded without my knowledge and I'm stuck on Windows 10. iConfig sort of works, but the MIDI seems flakier than it did before the upgrade using Ableton or Genome to sequence my Slim Phatty or drum mchine. And I see two iConnectAudio4 devices in Device Manager, one of which is not working right. Please release the driver soon, even a beta - hell I'll take an alpha!
  • Looks like MIDI works, but audio doesn't, which must be the broken device in Device Manager. I'm using Samson GT monitors for output, so I didn't notice. The audio interface doesn't show up in Ableton, but the MIDI routing does. I mostly bought this product for the MIDI function, but being that the iOS iConfig doesn't support this interface yet, I currently don't have a way to route the audio properly.
  • I received the iconnectAudio 4 + and it seems to be working well under Winfows 10. If I disconnect the USB cable then reattach it, the iconnect sometimes fails to restore audio. But overall, seems to work fine. So happy with this purchase!
  • I tried again, and the audio is still broken, even after a reboot and trying different USB ports. I have a USB 3.0 x 4 card (separate bus for each port), and I tried the onboard USB 2.0 ports as well, but no dice. HP Pavilion Desktop.
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    Hey @northerntao - we can make note of your issue via support ticket: - that way we have all of you details documented to try to recreate it in-house with one of our techs.

    By chance, did you uninstall and re-installl the driver since the update (to see if the performance changes). You may also want to make sure all your recording software/plug-ins are ready for Windows 10 as well before making the switch.

    If you continue having trouble in your Windows 10 environment with our ASIO driver, please submit a ticket with support.

    Much appreciated,
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    Finally got it working - here's what I did. After running the setup (iCA4USBAudioDriver_DriverSetup_v2.29.0.exe), MIDI would work but I had no audio. There were two devices in the Windows Device Manager called iConnectAudio4+ - 1 had an exclamation point through it, and the other appeared to be functional. I ended up extracting the iCA4USBAudioDriver_DriverSetup_v2.29.0.exe file with 7zip into a folder so I had the raw drivers to point to in Device Manager. I removed both devices in Device Manager (along the checkbox to remove the driver), and rescanned for hardware, and it found one device called iConnectAudio4+ with an exclamation point rather than two devices. I told it to update the driver and pointed to the files I extracted from the setup. It gave me two options - iConnectivity_iConnectAudio4+USB1 and iConnectivity_iConnectAudio4+USB2. I tried the USB2 option, after which I ended up with one device in Device Manager called iConnectivity_iConnectAudio4+USB2 that is functional. Both MIDI and Audio work now, and I can route and use the audio interface in Ableton. Hope that doesn't sound too confusing. It looks like the driver works, but the provided setup file doesn't support Windows 10.
  • Thanks for the update @northerntao - Im sure others will find that helpful.
    Glad to hear all is well now.

    The driver will need to be "signed" for each OS, so that is most likely the issue to overcome - not being signed for Windows 10.

    I'll post any updates I hear on Windows 10 driver support in the future.

  • Have been using it successfully with Windows 10 on various systems but have experienced some crashes with iConfig but does'nt generally affect the actual driver as such (after iConfig crashes I can still use / hear audio from the ASIO driver) I just need to restart the iConfig software.
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