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IPad + Launchpad + keystationmini32 + Mac Mini

I have just bought a MIDI2+ and I have managed to get audio pass through working fine with IPAD synth like animoog playing through an aggregate device on the Mac.

What I would like to do is map USB based midi devices like the Launchpad (also connected to the Mac) through to the iPad.

I noticed the Iconnect Midi4 has its own USB bus, but surely I should be able to route the USB MIDI from the launchpad via the Mac, into the Iconnect Midi2 and then to be received by the iPad apps like Launchpad?

I would appreciate some help on where I need to go to complete this mapping. Would it be in the Mac Midi control software? I can't get any connector lines to appear in that? Or would I need to use a DAW to send the USB midi signal from my launchpad back out to the iConnect Midi2?

Thanks for any help or tips.



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    Yes, you are correct - you would need to use a DAW/recording software to route any MIDI or audio from hardware to hardware. so you would choose the aggregate device as your input and output sources and then using the DAW tracks to set up any bussing of MIDI and audio. just make sure in the DAW preferences that all desired MIDI devices are active, as they may not be by defualt. Inside the DAW you can create audio tracks and MIDI/Instrument tacks - so make sure you have the right one selected.

    Let me know how I can assist you further,
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