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high pitched sound after 5 minutes use

edited August 2015 in Audio
i just recived my iconnectaudio4. after set up i have had a few issues. after about 5 min of use the iconnectaudi4 makes a loud high pierced sound. all other fuctions freeze up and my connected iPad shows on the screen that the iconnectaudio4 is not a supported device.
i unplugged everything and found the unit was very hot to the touch. i let the unit cool down and started over again, after a few min it did the same thing again.
has anyone else had this issue?

note: i reset the unit back to factory. installed the latest update, and after 5min i get the same effects. just a loud noise and a complet freeze :(


  • Hello, sorry to hear about the troubles you have been experiencing. The unit being warm to the touch is actually normal. Although, the unit making noises like that is not (as I'm sure you figured).

    Just so we can make sure your hardware is proper, could you please create a support ticket here with all of your contact information. That way we can escalate your case is needed.

    We appreciate your patience in the meantime.
    let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.
  • I already created a support ticket. Have not been contacted yet.
    553678 is the number.
  • Support will take care of you shortly.
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