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midi key + 2 synths

Hello, I am new here and this month I bought iConnect Midi4+ :)
I would like ask you how to control two synths by 1 midi keyboard? I was trying to figure out how to set one keyboard and, by changing channels, control one or more synths simultaneously just by selecting channel.

I would like to be able to:
- changing channels = synths. So if I have channel 1 on my midi key there should be 1st synth, if channel 2 - 2nd synth. I would like to control instruments and choosing one.
- using one channel to play both synth simultaneously (for example 3rd channel and both synths are receiving message and playing).

I am plugging midi key to midi in (DIN3). DIN 3 Out is for 1st synth, DIN 4out is for 2nd synth.

I will be grateful for your help!


  • Hello Andrew111,
    There is probably several ways on how to approach this, let me try to explain how I achieved that with the equipment I have on hand.

    Instead of using a simple MIDI controller that only transmits on one channel at the time; I use more advanced MIDI controller that allows me to “save” Performances that have different MIDI channels assigned to them, so that I can change MIDI channel without having to go to the menus. Many of the professional and semi- professional keyboards that have a sequencer will probably some level control to achieve what I am describing below.

    For example, I am using a Fantom X7 that in the Performance Mode allows me to sent MIDI note on any of 16 MIDI, any can pick one, all of them, or any combination of channels at the same time, so I modified the performance #1 on my X7 so that only it sends MIDI on channel 1, additionally and turned down the internal volume of that channel so that the X7 does not emits any sounds when I am on that performance, then I named that performance as MIDI CH1. Then I repeated the same process to save other performances other using other MIDI channels. I use this approach because it allows me to switch easily between my four Synths (My PC, iPad, iPhone, internal sounds of the Fantom X), I only have to select a performance, rather than having to go to the menus every time to select a new MIDI channel. In the other hand I set MIDI IN on my Synths according to the performance/MIDI channel configuration that I want them to be controlled from.

    I think that different keyboard brands, will allow to obtain a similar setup on a mode that might have a different name like “Master”, “Song”, ”Combi”.
    I also have an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 (MIDI controller only), which allows creating “ZONE”, which mean that we divide the keyboard in 4 Zone, and each Zone is a MIDI channel, I have not tried on this one as I did for the X7, but it looks to me that it could possible to archive it based on what can see on the manual.
    On my setup the main contribution of iCM4+ is to filter certain MIDI message between the synths and also provide the MIDI DIN and USB connections and routing.

    The bottom line is that ICM4+ is probably not your best choice to make these quick changes on the flight, unless you are willing to reload different ICM4+ configuration files change between synths by rerouting the channels, my recommendation is to assign this task to you MIDI controller. If you iCM4+ has still the default configuration, you probably would not have make any changes, since the manual says that each DIN port is routed to the other 3 DIN pots (Page#18, iCM4plus_user_guide_ver1 ).
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