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HELP! iCM4+ power socket broken! - under control now thanks to MikeL

edited August 2015 in MIDI
Edit: since posting this, MikeL has responded via PM and I've managed to open the case and inspect the socket, which is indeed broken. But now I can at least get it fixed, pending some additional instructions from Mike. Thanks Mike - great to receive support on a weekend!

The power socket on my iCM4+ has broken, right before we are due to start a filming project.
Without a functioning iCM4+ we cant proceed, which means cancellation (and cancellation costs).
Usually I have spares for everything, but I dont have spare iConnectivity devices.
Anyone know how to open the iCM4+ box? Removing the visible screws doesn't seem to even allow the silver faceplate to be removed so I'm stuck to even diagnose what broke and how to fix.
I've only moved the device a few times in the last few months, so it's very disappointing to see the socket first get loose (yesterday) and completely fail today. It seems the connection to the internal board is weak. I guessing it must have been stressed over the last couple of months and I didn't notice until I moved it yesterday.

Hope it's not due to flaky build/design as per the well known problems with the weak/flaky Alesis iODock power socket...

I'm in a remote location so sending to an authorized repair service aint gonna happen on this occasion. I don't care about warranty. Given the problem is definitely a loose power socket where the solder has broken, it should be easy for a local tech to fix if he can get inside the box.

So, how to get inside the box?

If any iConnectivity folk are visiting the forum over the weekend, I've opened ticket #189286 to request help.

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