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5 pin bidirectional MIDI communication


I'm planning to use the IConnectMIDI2+ to integrate the following setup in a live situation.

I have a midi controller that got a 5 pin cable, connected to a rack module. This is the wiring:
1 - DATA+ IN
2 - ground
3 - DATA- IN

This allows the midi foot controller to send data to the rack module. The rack module sends also back some data on pin 1&3, namely tempo, tuner sysexes and effect status sync. This is done with a single cable that's wired in the above way.

I want to integrate a MAC with a VST host in this setup.
I was thinking about using the iconnectMIDI 2+ in the following way:

The usb connection on the iconnect receives all data coming in from the midi in, thus sending midi data to the VST host (this is doable via the iconnect configurator i think). The corresponding midi out on the iconnect is connected to the midi in of the rack module.

Problem is, I'd like the iconnect to also route the tempo/tuner/sync stuff back to the midi controller, as it's happening now by directly connecting the 5-pin cable from the midi controller to the rack module.
Is it possibile to do that, by still using a single cable as before? Are the 5 pins on the iconnect ALL connected? Or, as often happens, are only 3 of the 5 pins connected between each other (2,4,5)?

I hope I explained myself. Thank you!
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