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Bug report : Audiopatchbay empty...

edited August 2015 in Audio

While changing any parameter into Audio info panel that require to reboot the soundcard, then clic on "Abandon changes" , then go back to the Audiopatchbay panel : all connexions are gone...

Thanks !


  • edited August 2015
    Hi crony, could you confirm the version of firmware you're running?
  • 1.0.8.
    And actually, I have a more serious problem, I couldn't make my patch running well, so I made a "reboot more advanced", now all I have is 2 orange led on the iconnect... :(
  • edited August 2015
    Ok, switch off/on the power, all is back to normal...ouf... :)

    Hmm, I also just had my Ipad to reboot, on his own...I guess he crashed...
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