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Control two computers at once

I know, folks, that this seems to be a stupid question, but it would be a dream come true.
Are we saying that iConnectAUDIO4+ will allow me to run two Macs in perfect synchrony? I've got an old Mac that I don't really want to retire and it would be great for it to be able to run what it runs well, but use a new powerhouse for other duties...


  • Hello,
    This is what I wanted to do with an Ipad 4 and the new Ipad coming in october...
    So I guess it's absolutely doable with 2 Mac... :)
  • Yup, Zadok, it has full support with both audio and MIDI for one or two computer devices (Mac, PC, and/or iOS) at the same time.

    You can also connect up to eight class-compliant USB MIDI devices.
  • edited August 2015
    The only thing is that you used the word "control." You do know about the screen sharing feature built into OS X, right?

    It works over ethernet, and it's awesome. The second (or third, fourth...) Mac appears in a window on your main one just like any other program; click on it and you're controlling the remote computer rather than the main one.

    I run my MacBook Pro that way. Just one monitor, keyboard, mouse, trackpad...and only one audio + MIDI interface (iConnectAUDIO4+).

    (And I use Windows Remote Desktop similarly to control them on my main Mac.)
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