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Explain me the difference between Analog and Analog mixer please...

edited August 2015 in Audio

Ok, Analog are the 4 analog inputs form the soundcard, got it !
But what is the Analog mixer ?
A mixer to mix USB1/USB2/Analog ?
Ok, but all mixer does that (mixing different sources)
Is it some kind of final mixer ?

Thanks for the explanation...


  • The Analog Mixer is the section to mix / route all possible signals (analog inputs / digital signals from the computer and iOS devices etc) to the physical analog outputs of the iConnectAudio4+
  • That's pretty much it.

    crony, please launch the iConfig program, then click on the Audio Mixer tab.

    There are three sections. Analog Inputs are on the left, Analog Outputs are on the right, Sub Mix/Bussing is in the middle.

    The term "Analog Mixer" means you're mixing what comes and goes to/from the analog ins and outs.

    I'm working on a more detailed explanation of the mixer right now and will post it later.
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