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bug report : midi infos not seen into other midi screens


Seems not implemented more than a bug actually, but while I switch off into "Midi info" panel some in/out from USB 1/2 and Also USB host, (to help make things less messy, and avoid some basic conflicts) I can still see all entries into all others midi panels.

Iconfig 4.1.2 / Firmware 1.0.8



  • I'm trying to understand, crony. You're looking at the MIDI Info screen. Are you saying there are impossible routings available, but you'd like them to be hidden?

    Can you post some examples?
  • edited August 2015
    in fact, on screen 1 and 2, some inputs and outputs are switched off, so I was expecting not to have them on screen 3 (and other midi screens with this presentation on the left column)
    The problem I have at the moment is with the Voice Live Touch 1, who's bugging while I swith off or reset the Iconnect.
    It just freeze, so I think it might come from midi messages (thru USB not midi) because normally the VLT1 only receive messages (no midi out, but thru USB, it might be buggy, I guess it's an Tc-helicon bug actually)

    The other problem with that, is I my USB assigned on Host Jack 1 are changing (because the VLT 1 is freezing...)

    Now that I know how it freeze, I may fix the order of USB Host 1, and have a workaround, but I suspect that it may cause some freeze on other midi devices.

    Hope this is clearer !
  • Which of the pictures in that list is one supposed to be looking at, crony?

    In the meantime, please read this blog post:
  • edited August 2015
    Sorry, I made a mistake with the link...I've corrected it.
    On screen 1 & 2 , you can see that I have unchecked some of the midi in or out. (in my mind to avoid midi conflict later, and also to minimise midi traffic; I know for instance that some devices won't send any midi) on the screen 3, you can see that all ports are still available.

    I did not say, I also unchecked all midi in/out for USB2.

    I was expecting not to see the in/out unchecked on screen 3 (and following panels related to midi) to simplify the way I route, and add midi rules, but not only in the interface, also into the apps into the Ipad apps !

    See also screen 4 of an app, where the name are not applied into it.

    I'm looking at your link, very helpful, thanks !
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